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Who is the BibleMesh Institute For?

  • 53-year-old Deacon
    Denver, Colorado

    Recently called to be a deacon. With no former seminary training, BMI provided a flexible and affordable option. With his church’s support, the General Christian Studies certificate was the perfect fit.

  • 34-year-old Church Leader
    New Taipei City, Taiwan

    As a church leader in Taiwan there are few trusted theological training options. BMI provides access to trusted theological education with degree-pathways and self-paced courses.

  • 26-year-old Missionary
    Polokwane, South Africa

    Currently working for a missions organization that requires her to complete 18 credits for long-term service. BMI’s self-paced academic coursework allows her to earn her credits while on the field.

  • 41-year-old Pastor
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Having graduated seminary over a decade ago, it’s been a while since he learned biblical Greek. Enrolling in BMI’s biblical language certificate will increase proficiency and Bible study preparation.


What Does the Institute Offer Disciples?

Self-Paced Proctored Courses

We provide guided instruction by qualified academic tutors tailored to fit your schedule.

Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs are designed to expand your knowledge of Scripture and enrich your Christian formation.

Degree Pathway Opportunities

Work towards earning credit through one of our partner academic institutions.

  • I have enjoyed the Greek course much more than I expected. I appreciate the method of teaching the lessons with vocabulary while going into the actual Scripture! Keep up the great work. God's blessings!
    Pastor Ron S
  • I completed my Hebrew requirements (which I did not do through my M.A. program) through the Hebrew Reading courses. BibleMesh provided the flexibility to complete these courses at a convenient pace for my academic needs.
    Brandon G.
  • The BibleMesh Greek curriculum has provided me with an ideal opportunity for learning biblical languages for in-church, accredited seminary context.
    Ryan M (Pastoral Resident)


What Does the Institute Offer Churches?

Discipleship Training

We help church leaders meet the educational needs of their community.

Theological Education for Pastor and Deacon

Whether needing to learn or maintain biblical language proficiency, or an alternative to seminary education, our online study tracks and programs can be specifically suited to your church's educational needs.


Our technology and programs provide online accountability through guided instruction by qualified academic tutors.

Why Enroll in the Institute?

We believe in providing trusted theological education everywhere, every day. All over the world, individuals enroll in our affordable $225 monthly subscription-based programs to customize their theological educational needs to their schedule, context, and pace. We even partner closely with a select group of trusted Christian institutions who are dedicated to excellent, Christ-centered higher education, to allow individuals to pursue self-paced academic pathways for academic credit.

How do I get started?

  1. Request Info from an Advisor
  2. Apply to the Institute
  3. Enroll in a Program
  4. Connect With Your Proctor
  5. Begin Your Studies!