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How do I get started?

  1. Apply to the Institute
  2. Enroll in a program
  3. Connect with a proctor
  4. Begin your studies


For Students

Self-Paced Proctored Courses

We provide guided instruction by qualified academic tutors tailored to fit your schedule.

Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs are designed to expand your knowledge of Scripture and enrich your Christian formation.

Degree Pathway Opportunities

Work towards earning credit through one of our partner academic institutions.

  • I have enjoyed the Greek course much more than I expected. I appreciate the method of teaching the lessons with vocabulary while going into the actual Scripture! Keep up the great work. God's blessings!
    Pastor Ron S
  • I completed my Hebrew requirements (which I did not do through my M.A. program) through the Hebrew Reading courses. BibleMesh provided the flexibility to complete these courses at a convenient pace for my academic needs.
    Brandon G.
  • The BibleMesh Greek curriculum has provided me with an ideal opportunity for learning biblical languages for in-church, accredited seminary context.
    Ryan M (Pastoral Resident)


For Churches

The BibleMesh Institute assists local churches in the task of discipleship training by:
  • Helping church leaders meet the educational needs of their community
  • Offering online study tracks and programs specifically for your church
  • Providing online accountability through guided instruction by qualified academic tutors

Academic Partnerships

The BibleMesh Institute works closely with a select group of trusted Christian institutions who are dedicated to excellent, Christ-centered higher education.